Project Forwarding

Strategic planning, flawless execution, every step of the way.

Whatever your cargo, we can move it.

Whether you are dealing with oversized machinery, massive equipment, delicate components, or any other specialised items for your industrial project, our project forwarding specialists have the knowledge and resources to ensure seamless transportation.

Our Expertise

At Denholm Good Logistics, we have a specialist project forwarding team with decades of experience in moving oversized or unusual cargo, including entire canning production lines, steel mill builds, blast furnace builds, large vehicles, heavy machinery, aerospace equipment, factories, renewable energy equipment, and flight simulators, both nationally and worldwide. We understand that each project is unique and has its own set of challenges. That’s why we offer tailored solutions meticulously designed to meet your specific requirements.

With a dedicated team of experts, innovative technology, and a global network, we are committed to delivering your cargo safely and efficiently, no matter how big and intricate it might be.

When you partner with Denholm Good Logistics, you are assigned a dedicated project forwarding team with the required industry experience and knowledge.

They will collaborate closely with our customs, warehousing, and distribution teams to ensure the quick and seamless transportation of your cargo.

When you choose us, you’re choosing a partner who understands the significance of your cargo and is dedicated to making your project forwarding experience smooth and successful.

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Our Project Forwarding Services

At Denholm Good Logistics, we leverage the capabilities of our logistics specialists and our global network of dedicated partners to deliver fast, safe, and efficient project forwarding solutions tailored to your needs.

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Our project forwarding services include:

  • Project forwarding for any kind of cargo (including oversized and out-of-gauge)
  • Tailored end-to-end planning and project management
  • Packing and loading (bespoke if required)
  • Tracking and reporting
  • Unloading and unpacking
  • All administration and documentation required (including customs and insurance)
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Denholm Good Logistics are also specialists in new canning and package line manufacturing.

Our project forwarding team is one of the most experienced in the industry, managing logistics for over 150 new canning lines worldwide. Our experienced team can coordinate a move of an entire production line, whether it is from one point of origin to one destination point or the project involves several points of origin.

  • Order visibility
  • Real-time shipment visibility
  • Analytics & insights
  • Centralised documents
  • Easier exception management

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Why choose us

At Denholm Good Logistics, we redefine project forwarding by offering a distinctive blend of experience, precision, and dedicated service. Your cargo is not just a shipment; it’s also a unique project that demands industry expertise.

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Specialised expertise

Imagine heavy machinery, aerospace equipment, or entire buildings seamlessly moving across borders. That's our expertise! With decades of successful projects under our belt, we navigate the complexities of unique cargo types with unparalleled finesse.
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Meticulous planning and flawless execution

Your project is one-of-a-kind, and so is our approach to project forwarding. Meticulous planning and precise execution are the cornerstones of our success. We've honed a methodology that ensures your cargo reaches its destination on time and within budget every time.
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Dedicated project teams

Collaborate with a dedicated project team armed with industry knowledge and experience. Your success is our priority, and our teams are committed to delivering efficient, on-time, and budget-friendly solutions tailored to your project's unique requirements.
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Integration with Denholm Logistics

As part of the Denholm Logistics Group, we don't just deliver; we excel. Tap into the full capabilities of our sister companies and an international network of trusted partners. With us, you can experience a level of efficiency and safety that sets us apart in the world of project forwarding.
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Proven track record

Trust is earned through results. Denholm Good Logistics boast a track record of successful project deliveries. Join a league of satisfied clients who have experienced our commitment to project forwarding excellence firsthand.

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“Their knowledge, skill and commitment, plus their enthusiastic attention to our business needs is always exceptional and considering how complex and demanding we are as a business, with our variety of different products, they do a thoroughly professional job for us.”

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have further questions about our sea freight services, kindly see the section below to find the answers to frequently asked questions.

What types of projects do you handle?

As part of our project forwarding solutions, we can transport a wide range of unique and challenging cargo types, such as heavy machinery, aerospace equipment, canning production lines, steel mill builds, and even entire buildings.

How does Denholm ensure the success of each project?

Meticulous planning and precise execution form the foundation of our approach. We have a tried and tested methodology, coupled with dedicated project teams, ensuring each project is delivered efficiently, on time, and within budget.

How can I initiate a project with Denholm Good Logistics?

Reach out to us through our website or contact our dedicated project team. We’ll guide you through the process, understand your unique requirements, and provide a tailored solution to meet your needs.

Do you have experience in handling international projects?

Our international network of dedicated partners allows us to provide fast, efficient, and safe solutions for projects on a global scale.

What guarantees the safety of my cargo during transportation?

Our commitment to safety is unwavering. We employ industry best practices, utilise state-of-the-art equipment, and leverage our extensive project forwarding experience to ensure the safe transportation of your cargo. Your cargo’s security is always our top priority.

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