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Warehousing and Distribution
Flexible, end to end logistics for the construction sector

We’ve been working with Marshalls Plc since 2013, and during that time, the volume we handle, and store has increased by 30%. Our partnership with Marshalls Plc is an excellent example of developing our service to grow with them, predicting and responding to their changing needs.

We offer a full one-stop service providing end to end logistics solutions. We arrange shipping, collection of containers from UK terminals, unpacking, storage and delivery. We provide expertise across road freight, sea freight, air freight, warehousing and distribution.

I highly recommend the services of Denholm Good Logistics who have been the appointed warehousing and distribution specialist for Marshalls Plc’s, Imported Stone and Ceramics operation for a number of years now. Furthermore, two years ago, I appointed them as our sole agent for the Freight forwarding and Customs clearance of our 6,500 TEU’ volumes from all over the world. They liaise seamlessly well with our overseas suppliers, clear customs, shunt our containers (and return) from the port to the warehouses, store and reload for delivery when required.
Chris Thompson
Head of Procurement – Indirect Purchases, Marshalls Plc
What problems did Marshall’s experience before working with Denholm Good Logistics?

Before our partnership, Marshall’s used a number of different suppliers and handled some stock in house. This created logistical problems and a lack of stock transparency, which in turn impacted on sales.

How has working with Denholm Good Logistics improved Marshall’s business?

We were first introduced to Marshalls in 2012 when they were appointed suppliers to resurface the port of Felixstowe. They needed somewhere to park their vehicles, and we were happy to assist. This was the beginning of what has been a journey starting with providing a small parking facility to handling over 5000 containers for them each year.

Initially, the primary benefit for Marshalls was our location. Close to the port of Felixstowe, we were able to unpack containers and deliver the stock without taking the container to an inland depot, the cost-saving on this element alone was considerable.

This soon developed into looking at ways we could service their large accounts and how we could unpack and deliver more effectively. This led to Marshalls being able to secure a larger market share.

In 2016, we were appointed as the sole freight forwarder for Marshalls, this has enabled us to develop cost-effective freight solutions such as providing sea freight services where road freight was the previous preferred route. This has created freight savings running into £1000s along with environmental benefits.

In addition to providing innovative freight solutions, we provide bespoke reporting packages that allow Marshalls to review their supply chain, identify trends and spot opportunities without the need for them to collate this data inhouse.

What Marshalls say

Their knowledge, skill and commitment, plus their enthusiastic attention to our business needs is always exceptional and considering how complex and demanding we are as a business, with our variety of different products, they do a thoroughly professional job for us.