5 Signs that you Need a Freight Forwarder

5 Signs that you Need a Freight Forwarder


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Last updated: January 16, 2024 | Published: September 5, 2018


Whether you’re starting up a brand new venture or you’ve been dealing with your shipping needs so far, there are some clear signs that it might be wise to delegate this part of your business. These may become more apparent as the company grows, so don’t hold it back by trying to do everything yourself. Leaving shipping to an experienced freight forwarder can be more time and cost efficient, and will ensure that this aspect of your business is operating as effectively as possible.

Here are five signs that the time’s right to bring in the shipping experts:

1. You’re having issues with shipping

Importing and exporting are quite in-depth processes, consisting of several different elements. Strong organisational skills are a must for whoever is dealing with the shipping for your business. If you’re regularly having issues with shipping – delayed or lost shipments, or problems with documentation or clearing customs, for example – this is a sure sign that things aren’t running as smoothly as they should. Of course, even the world’s best freight forwarder can have the occasional issue with a shipment – but the difference is that it’s likely to have the experience and the network to correct any little issues before they become a big problem.

2. Customer service is slipping

If you are experiencing shipping issues, then this is undoubtedly going to have a knock-on effect for your customers or service users – whether you’re exporting to customers, importing to sell-on, or you’re importing a product that’s essential to the running of your business. An upsurge in complaints about delivery times, for example, is a sign that your company may benefit from using an experienced freight forwarder to ensure that your estimated shipping times are, firstly, realistic, and secondly, adhered to as strictly as possible.

3. You’re on a tight timeframe

Similarly, an experienced freight forwarder can advise a business on the quickest possible shipping methods and should have the network in place to action them. Air freight is usually the speediest way of getting cargo from A to B – and if your business usually ships by sea, organising this can be a steep learning curve. Freight forwarders can also advise on the shortest/quickest routes, and the different costs involved, so you can make the right decision to best meet your needs.

An AEO accredited freight forwarder such as John Good Logistics will also ensure that your goods clear UK Customs as quickly as possible.

4. You’re concerned about your carbon footprint

Greener shipping is another thing that a good freight forwarder will be able to advise you on. Shipping by sea, via the shortest route, will have a much smaller carbon footprint than shipping by air, for example. You can also reduce your business’s impact on the environment by streamlining your shipping processes with port-centric logistics and distribution service.

5. You need an all-in-one shipping service

A streamlined supply chain can also result in lower costs and improved efficiency, so choosing a freight forwarder that offers end-to-end shipping services could reap significant benefits for your business. Product sourcing, packaging, sorting and distribution are just some of the wrap-around services provided by John Good Logistics, so why not ask us how we can help with your shipping and enjoy the peace of mind, buying power, exceptional network and expertise afforded by using a freight forwarder with over 180 years in the business.

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