Shipping lightweight 20’s ex Turkey? Our direct consol service could be a better solution, here’s why!

Shipping lightweight 20’s ex Turkey? Our direct consol service could be a better solution, here’s why!


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Last updated: January 17, 2024 | Published: September 22, 2021


Good Logistics’ Turkey Consol service offers direct container groupage (LCL) from Turkey to UK. We provide weekly services from Istanbul and fortnightly from Izmir. This provides a great alternative for our customers, if they cannot fill a full container load themselves.

Equipment shortages globally continue to cause major issues with a severe lack of empty full containers available to load. There is widespread delay as a result putting pressure on lead times and causing real planning headaches for cargo owners across the board.

Now added to this, the well documented driver shortages in the UK adding further pressure as all scramble to secure whatever availability they can get their hands on to execute the end delivery. Due to such high demand and low driver numbers it makes it extremely difficult to secure slots within the free time, so not only does this lead to further delays but also additional cost in the form of quay rent & demurrage.

What’s the solution?

Good Logistics’ Turkey LCL Service can help alleviate some for these issues.

Not only do we have guaranteed weekly equipment we also have guaranteed space on the vessels with direct transit to the UK. On arrival, containers are pulled straight from quay to our warehouse in Felixstowe thus avoiding any quay rent charges. Haulage is also more readily available compared to straight container haulage from the ports, helping to mitigate delays in onward delivery.

So, if you have any 20GP enquiries and cargo gross weight is not higher than 12,000 kg, our consol service can be a great alternative to FCL. Over the last couple of months, Good Logistics have had various shipments where the freight rates were almost the same or less than 20GP FCL rates.

If your terms are FOB and you want to switch an FCL shipment switched to our consol, we will match the Turkey local charges to insure there is no extra cost to your suppliers

Shipping lightweight 20’s ex Turkey

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