The vital role air freight plays when exporting cargo/goods

The vital role air freight plays when exporting cargo/goods


2 minute read | By Phil Charlton

Last updated: May 7, 2024 | Published: May 7, 2024


Freight forwarding providers and businesses who are involved in moving goods around the world are often faced with many challenges that effect the reliability and speed of which cargo can be moved, whether it is vessels getting stuck in the Suez canal or conflict threatening safe passage through key trade lanes, an increase in demand and a shortage of space, supply chain routes can be quickly disrupted.

To help reduce the risks to individual businesses supply chain,  companies seek alternative modes of transport to move their cargo. Exporting via air freight provides swift, dependable, and flexible options. We explore these advantages in more detail below.

Reliability: Air Cargo avoids common delays linked to port closures, delays and congestion, ensuring consistent departure and arrival times, thereby providing a more reliable solution for supply chain operations.

Rapid Delivery: Air Transportation delivers goods in a fraction of the time of other freight transportation options such as road haulage or sea freight, facilitating speedy airport-to-warehouse-to-destination deliveries.

Flexibility: Air Cargo’s agility allows for last-minute cargo adjustments, enabling businesses to swiftly respond to unforeseen circumstances. This adaptability enhances supply chain resilience, allowing redirection based on evolving demand patterns.

Diverse Cargo Handling: From small packages to oversized cargo, air freight accommodates various shipment sizes, particularly beneficial for businesses not requiring full container loads. This versatility minimises inventory costs, facilitating global market access.

Enhanced Security:  Air freight offers unparalleled security throughout the transportation journey, ensuring the safety of valuable goods. From before departure to after arrival, cargo is subject to manual scrutiny and digital security.

Greener Freight:  Although air freight has increased by 5% since 2021, Co2 emissions have approximately halved with massive investment in new technology and infrastructure, making cargo by air freight a viable environmentally friendly option.

Choosing air freight for your cargo exports, businesses can increase their supply chain resilience, ensuring timely deliveries and maintaining cargo reliability. Denholm Good Logistics offers comprehensive global air freight export solutions, including helping you track your Co2 emissions to keep your exporters greener. To discover more click here

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