Is it time to outsource your shipping requirements to a freight forwarder?

Is it time to outsource your shipping requirements to a freight forwarder?


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Last updated: January 5, 2024 | Published: November 8, 2017


Shipping activities are essential for many businesses, but the logistics involved can be lengthy and complicated. A freight forwarder specialises in shipping and logistics, providing a convenient, hassle-free way of moving goods worldwide. Is it time your business took advantage of this service? Let’s look at some of the reasons why outsourcing your shipping requirements may be a smart business decision.

1) Your business is growing

Growth is essential to the success of any business, and one way to enable business growth is to delegate specific elements to those qualified in that area. Just as you might hire a book-keeper or accountant to keep on top of the financial side, outsourcing your shipping requirements places that element of your business in the best possible hands, freeing up your time to focus on growing your business further and resulting in a more efficiently run and successful business overall.

2) Organisation is not your strong point

The processes and logistics involved in shipping can be complicated, with many separate elements to organise. Coordinating and managing these factors can be a real headache for businesses of all sizes, which is where a freight forwarder comes in. A freight forwarding expert can deal with all the logistics of shipping with ease, including warehousing, transportation, customs clearance and distribution, and coordinate each stage to achieve the most efficient shipping solution.

3) You want to boost your profits

Using a specialist freight forwarding service is an extra business expense, but it could actually save your business money overall. Experienced freight forwarders have a strong network of shipping contacts across the globe, and will use those relationships and their buying power to negotiate the best deals on all related services. This, together with increased business efficiency and the fact that you’re not having to spend time (which equals money!) managing shipping arrangements in-house, should mean that using a freight forwarding service boosts your bottom line.

4) You want to improve your customer service

Improved customer service is another positive step to boosting profits, as satisfied customers become repeat customers and advocates for your business. Shipping is a complicated process that can be affected by numerous variables such as the weather, strikes, delays in customs or issues with transportation. While a freight forwarder cannot completely control all the possible problems along the way, they will have the network contacts and shipping know-how to ensure that the effects are minimised and that you’re not suffering repeated service failures that will have a negative impact on your business.

5) You’re unsure of your legal responsibilities

Importing and exporting is a controlled process with plenty of red tape involved. A good freight forwarder will be aware of all the regulations and responsibilities that are relevant to your shipment, and will ensure that it is fully compliant, has the correct documentation and that all the applicable charges, duties and taxes are paid, allowing you ultimate peace of mind.

6) You want to clear customs quicker

Clearing customs can be a slow process, especially if a consignment does not have the correct documentation. Using a freight forwarder should ensure that your goods clear customs as quickly as possible. Look for a forwarder that is AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) accredited, which means that its consignments will be fast-tracked through customs and, if selected for examination or inspection, will receive priority over non-AEOs, to prevent any unnecessary hold-ups.

7) You want advice on the best shipping solutions for your business

Choose your freight forwarder wisely, and your business can benefit from their years of experience in shipping and logistics. A reputable freight forwarder will advise you on all aspects of the shipping process, from which shipping method and type of container to use to what duties and taxes are likely to be due on your goods. For example, at John Good we’ve been trusted by some of the world’s leading companies for over 180 years, and your business could also take advantage of this wealth of experience and expertise.

8) You want a digital solution

As the business world moves increasingly online, it follows that you’ll want your service providers to offer digital tools too. Good freight forwarders will offer 24/7 access to your shipments, including tracking information, customs clearance documentation, invoices and automated shipping reports. All important documentation is accessible quickly and easily online, and the entire process, from getting a quote to paying an invoice, can be done digitally for increased ease and efficiency.

9) You want an all-in-one shipping service

Streamlining your supply chain as much as possible can help to lower costs and maximise efficiency, so choosing a freight forwarder that can take care of the shipping process end-to-end makes good business sense. Some freight forwarders, such as John Good Logistics, offer a range of services at origin and destination, including port-centric logistics and distribution services, product sourcing and delivery to the end customer.

10) You want to reduce your impact on the environment

With growing concern over environmental issues, most businesses are keen to run in the greenest way possible, with some having specific targets to adhere to. A streamlined supply chain can also help to reduce your business’ impact on the environment, and a reputable freight forwarder can be trusted to help make your shipping processes as green as possible. Consider using a freight forwarder that offers port-centric logistics and distribution services, which allow shipments to be stored, sorted and distributed from a convenient port-side position.

If you can identify with any of these ten reasons, it might be time to outsource your shipping to a freight forwarder. John Good Logistics has agents ready to answer any questions and discuss the best shipping solution for your business. Contact us to find out how we can help.

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