Offering a helping hand to importers and exporters

Offering a helping hand to importers and exporters


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Last updated: January 17, 2024 | Published: October 14, 2015


At John Good Logistics, we understand the importance of helping all our customers, particularly new or inexperienced ones, to get a clear insight into the world of freight forwarding.

There is so much terminology – International Commercial Terms (INCO Terms) – which, at times, reads like a foreign language. This can often cause confusion leaving you wondering which are the most appropriate terms of shipment for you. The simple answer, one size does not fit all.

Understanding terms such as FOB, CIF and EXW is not always easy when trying to determine what works best for you. Delivering savings and maintaining control over your shipments is becoming an increasingly important factor.

As one of the UK’s leading shipping agents and freight forwarders, John Good Logistics has a dedicated team of Account Managers to guide you through the process and help you understand the process of each term more transparently.

Our latest graphic (Inco Terms) has been designed to give clarity on the terms of shipment and to help you understand the best terms of shipment for you when negotiating terms with your supplier.

If you would like to know more please contact us and we’d be delighted to offer our expert advice.

Shipping Incoterms

Download the printable version here!

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