News Updates: Maersk cargo vessel collides with Baltimore Bridge

News Updates: Maersk cargo vessel collides with Baltimore Bridge


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Last updated: March 27, 2024 | Published: March 26, 2024


Baltimore Port News Update: March 27th 2024

Following yesterday’s tragic accident all access to the main terminals in Baltimore have been blocked, which has led to ocean terminals at Seagirt, Dundalk, and Fairfield being closed.

At this time, the Port of Baltimore has not given a clear indication of how long it will take to clear the bridge wreckage and reopen the channel for navigation, although there’s a pressing need to reopen the waterway due to US Navy vessels and cargo ships stuck inside the port. Until further notice, all container, RO/RO, and car services to and from Baltimore’s major terminals are suspended as long as the channel remains closed. We will update with further news as it breaks, but if your shipments could be affected, we recommend you contact your local DGL team. Contact details can be found here

Baltimore Port Breaking News: March 26th 2024

As reported by the world’s media at approx. 01:30 hrs this morning a Maersk cargo vessel collided with a portion of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore with much of the structure subsequently giving way with multiple vehicles falling into the Patapsco river. This a truly a devastating time and our thoughts are with the families of all those who have clearly lost their lives as a result of this tragic accident.

Authorities have described the collision as a “mass-casualty incident” and emergency services were still searching the river for at least seven people.

This is a major disaster and will create significant problems on the US East Coast for US importers and exporters.

The bridge collapse will mean that for the time being it will not be possible to get to the container terminals – or a range of the other port terminals – in Baltimore. The port handles approx. 21,000 TEU per week which now will have to be routed through other ports in the region which will of course have a knock an effect with congestion and lead times.

Additionally, this means the cargo already gated into the Baltimore terminals would have to either wait an unknown period for the sea lane to reopen, or be gated back out and shifted to a different port. Marine cargo insurers WK Webster have already stated there is likely to be a significant loss of cargo from the vessel and seems certain at this stage the vessel will not be proceeding with the voyage so cargo left onboard will face lengthy delays before it can be discharged.

This is a developing story, please check back for further updates and speak directly to your local DGL team to check on specific shipments. Contact details can be found here.

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