Logistics – Key Workers

Logistics – Key Workers


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Last updated: January 16, 2024 | Published: April 27, 2020


As we all know PPE & general hospital equipment is in massive demand around the globe and essential for front line workers battling daily to save lives.  

 In the last two weeks alone, we have helped numerous customers meet tight deadlines and secure solutions to move urgent shipments of PPE equipment.

Shipments have included hospital beds, face masks, gloves & gowns for use on the front lines for care workers and to help other businesses in the efforts to keep their staff safe when at work.

The majority of shipments have come via air, with our team working harder than ever to secure space and find solutions in an ever-changing landscape of schedule & price.

As well as air, we’ve also successfully utilized the rail link from China, from Xian rail terminal to arrival terminal in Duisburg, with a transit time of 15 days which has given some customers a fantastic alternative to air but still allowed key time frames to be met.

Containers on arrival in Duisburg have been picked up by truck, shipped on a feeder vessel from Rotterdam to Killinghome over night for onward delivery in the UK.

As well as shipments into the UK we have arranged consignments into, Portugal, Germany & France.

As we see a continued rise in demand for PPE, particularly from China, the rules and regulations imposed by the Chinese government continue to change as they look to strictly monitor the quality of equipment being exported.

This clamp down has led to issues and delays for many and we will go into more detail around this in a separate blog this week.

As a business we have been forced like many into rapid change as a result of COVID-19. Adapting quickly to remote working with many staff also having to juggle home schooling and childcare alongside the day job… 

The energy, resolve and commitment shown by my colleagues has been amazing to see through these very challenging times. Hats off to all for your continued efforts and positive approach in finding a solution that works for our customers.

The logistics sector as a whole has been and remains pivotal, in the battle against COVID-19 and our status as ‘Key Workers’ not to be underestimated. 

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