John Good: The UK Shipping Agent for Turkey

John Good: The UK Shipping Agent for Turkey


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Last updated: January 16, 2024 | Published: November 30, 2011


From quality industrial and automotive parts, construction materials and metal products, to food, textiles, furniture and packaging materials, Turkey specialises in the manufacture of a huge range of products for export. Competitive prices, fast transit, short lead times and a reputation for producing consistently high quality goods make it a great place to source your next products.

As a UK shipping agency with two dedicated offices in Turkey (John Good Denizcilik), we are perfectly placed to handle all your shipping requirements from the region. Whatever you are looking to import, our experienced teams specialise in providing cost-effective, safe and efficient transportation of goods from the source to destinations in the UK.

We also import high volumes, which means that we can provide really competitive rates and regular lines to the UK. With ships running several times each week to the port of Felixstowe, you can be sure that we can deliver your goods when you need them, at the best price possible.

Once in the UK, JGS group company Felixstowe Warehousing can provide efficient warehousing, storage and distribution services across the UK.

Felixstowe Warehousing provides a full range of services, from unloading and palletising, to storage and warehousing, and its located at the entrance to the port. This means benefit from an efficient, port-centric service, saving them time, reducing administration, and reducing the costs by eliminating expensive demurrage charges and quay rent.

From here, we can also provide cost-effective onward distribution to destinations across the UK.

So whether you are looking to import from Turkey, need some good business contacts in the country, or want reliable shipping partner, we can provide the best service possible.

For further information, get in touch today, or contact Zeynep Harling at or on 07872456287

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