John Good Logistics Offers Optimal Conditions for Temperature-Controlled Goods

John Good Logistics Offers Optimal Conditions for Temperature-Controlled Goods


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Last updated: January 16, 2024 | Published: October 11, 2013


When it comes to the safe transportation of temperature-controlled goods, customers of John Good Logistics can rest assured they are getting the very best service.

One of the company’s liner agency Principals, Oldenburg-Portugiesische Dampfschiffs-Rhederei (OPDR), is leading the way with its impressive reefer solutions transporting chilled and frozen goods in containers between the UK, Spain, Portugal, the Canary Islands and Morocco.

State-of-the-art, temperature-controlled reefer containers and an extensive international port network deliver short transit times and cost savings compared with trailer transport, whilst ensuring there is no sacrifice when it comes to the quality of the goods.

Alan Platt, Managing Director at John Good Logistics, said:

“OPDR has an enviable offering in terms of its reefer solutions and continues to invest in modern, high-quality equipment to ensure fresh cargo arrives at its destination in first-class condition.

“Increasingly, our customers are demanding fast door-to-door solutions for a wide range of reefer cargoes and we firmly believe we are on the front foot.”

From fresh fruit and vegetables, to meat products and juices, short sea shipping specialist OPDR offers 40ft High Cube Reefer and 45ft High Cube Pallet-Wide Reefer containers, which ensure safe transportation in a temperature-controlled environment.

OPDR has an extensive international network and is renowned for offering reliable and high-quality container services with fixed day sailings. Short transit times are available to more than 25 European and North African ports, including those in Spain, Portugal, Morocco and the Canary Islands. Fuel-efficient vessels are used, thus saving energy costs and minimising the impact on the environment.

OPDR has more than 130 years’ experience of liner shipping and strives to this day to offer a first-class customer service.

For more information on the Reefer services offered by OPDR, visit

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