John Good Logistics Chairman Alan Platt discusses reaction to Brexit in online webinar – watch now

John Good Logistics Chairman Alan Platt discusses reaction to Brexit in online webinar – watch now


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Last updated: January 16, 2024 | Published: January 12, 2021


Last week, The Hull and Humber Chamber of Commerce ran a live webinar titled “The EU-UK Trade and Cooperation agreement – Early Days – How are we coping?” John Good Logistics Chairman – Alan Platt – featured on the panel alongside other industry experts discussing how various organisations and businesses are coping as the new trade agreement has become active since 1st January.

Chaired by Phil Jones, President of the Hull & Humber Chamber of Commerce, the other panellists alongside Alan were Jesper Bank – Chief Commercial Officer at the Port of Esbjerg in Denmark, Laurence Dettman – Chief Inspector Port Health Authority at Hull, Goole and Humber Sea Terminal, and Dominic Ward – Senior Partner and shipping and trade solicitor at Andrew Jackson Solicitors.

In the webinar – Alan talked in detail about how John Good Logistics has implemented their new 30-strong team, alongside new digital facilities designed to cope with the new demand that Brexit brings, and also offered insight into the problems and risks customers face at the moment.

“Without a doubt, there’s still an unpreparedness lurking out there amongst businesses small and large”
Alan Platt – CEO of The John Good Group

The discussion explored a wide range of business activity that has been affected by Brexit, not least the confusion, extra administration, and increased costs 150,000 UK exporters face around the customs clearance process that have never traded outside the EU bloc before.

Other developments Alan highlighted included pre-Christmas stock piling, a switch from “Just in Time” to “Just in Case” logistics, and a move from road haulage to short sea containers, as logistics customers look to build resilience into their supply chains, as a result of both Covid-19 and Brexit.

“Customers are seeking greater resilience from their supply chains”
Alan Platt – CEO of The John Good Group

Although many concerns and issues were discussed, Alan and all the panellists remained confident that there are many positives to look forward to as businesses tackle the current challenges and begin to find new opportunities for both domestic and international trade.

Click here to watch a full recording of the webinar online now

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