Import Controls – Further updates are delayed until late 2023

Import Controls – Further updates are delayed until late 2023


1 minute read | By Hollie Starr

Last updated: June 23, 2022 | Published: April 29, 2022


Stage Three Import Controls were due to come into place, from July 2022. However, they have now been pushed back until late 2023, due to rising inflation. The government have also made this decision, due to the Russia-Ukraine war, increasing energy prices and the coronavirus.

What will not come into place from July?

The following were due to come into place in July 2022, and they will not now until late 2023:

  • Further Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) requirements on EU imports, currently at destination, to be moved to Border Control Post (BCP).
  • Requirements for Safety and Security (S&S) Declarations on EU imports.
  • Further health certification and SPS checks for EU imports.
  • The restrictions for the import of certain prohibited and chilled meat products from the EU. Meat, sausage and onion

What rules still apply?

The Import Controls were previously updated in January 2022 and these current rules still stand. You can read about these changes here

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