Denholm Good Logistics US Team successfully delivers Stolle’s Concord Decorator to METPACK 2023

Denholm Good Logistics US Team successfully delivers Stolle’s Concord Decorator to METPACK 2023


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Last updated: March 14, 2024 | Published: April 27, 2023


We are delighted and proud to share that the Denholm Good Logistics US team successfully managed the delivery of Stolle’s Concord 24MRT (24 Mandrel Rotary Trip) to METPACK 2023, the world’s leading trade exhibition for metal packaging, which takes place next week at Messe Essen, Germany.

Our US team was faced with several challenges to ensure the unit was delivered within the time limit of the show, Renata Juvillar a key member of our US team implemented an incredibly detailed schedule that was closely monitored and reviewed throughout the project to prevent any unforeseen circumstances that could arise and create delays.

During this project, our US team was supported by their UK colleagues, who were responsible for, successfully overseeing the delivery of Necker Modules and accessories to the exhibition.

Due to the size and handling requirements of the Stolle’s Concord 24MRT (24 Mandrel Rotary Trip), Stolle’s team was able to secure an early delivery date at the exhibition, this was not a flexible date that could be changed due to delays, it had to arrive on the specified day to enable the Decorator to be manoeuvred into the correct position within booth space and marks on the exhibition floor.  To ensure the delivery date was achieved our US team coordinated and led daily review meetings, to provide daily updates to the customer, to guarantee they were kept up to date at all times of the progress and assured that their cargo was being managed with care and the attention it deserved.

This meticulous planning meant that the Decorator was delivered successfully to the exhibition hall on April 25th, 2023, as originally planned, and it was able to be positioned correctly within the designated space.

Due to the dimensions of the Decorator 203” x 93” x 133” ( 5.16 x 2.36 x 3.38 meters) and the weight of the unit 54,500 lbs (24,721kgs), two heavy-duty cranes were required on-site to lift the decorator from the trailer and to position it correctly within the pre-agreed markings on the exhibition hall floor. The cranes were necessary to help distribute the weight of the unit evenly, preventing it from tilting, and avoiding overloading the hall floor, as there is a car park below.

Denholm Good Logistics representative Renata Juvillar was present to oversee the delivery and the offloading of the Decorator, and it is thanks to Renata’s experience of handling over-dimensional cargo, her diligence, and the support of her US and UK colleagues that this project was a resounding success.



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