Denholm Good Logistics’ feature in Canmaking News!

Denholm Good Logistics’ feature in Canmaking News!


2 minute read | By Hollie Starr

Last updated: January 17, 2024 | Published: January 26, 2023


We are very pleased to announce that Good Logistics has been featured in the 20th year anniversary for Canmaking News.

The feature gives great insight into the ever changing conditions of the logistics industry and includes comments from our Good Logistics USA team.

See below for some key extracts from the feature!

The last two years have been exceptionally volatile due to the Covid-19 pandemic and changing global socioeconomic and political conditions. Disruptions to the supply chain mainly due to shortages in trucking capacity, port and terminal congestion, fuel price increases, fluctuating freight rates, and a nearly collapsing rail system in the US are resulting in no guarantees of when people will get supplies – and at what price.

Martha Rojas, Renata Juvillar and Bianca Marosi of Good Logistics Group, an award-winning freight forwarder and logistics provider, point out that the combination of these conditions produces an uncertain future for supply chain stability across many industries. However, the shipping industry is finally adapting to this changing environment by implementing new technologies to become more efficient.”

With a dramatic increase in globalisation due to modern technology and transportation, businesses today need efficient shipping and logistics services to succeed. “Canmakers and suppliers should ensure the companies they work with have the expertise and global reach through their partners who can offer the best resources available in the industry when handling their shipments,” advises Renata Juvillar, Good Logistics’ Project Operator & Global Inside Sales. “This expertise would allow the logistics arrangements to run more smoothly, and if any unforeseen circumstances occur, they will have the knowledge to better handle the business and protect customer interests.”

Good Logistics believes that industries, including metal packaging, need to adjust for modernisation. “As we have seen over the past 20 years, there have been many changes to regulatory systems and corporate social responsibility worldwide,” states Martha Rojas, Executive Vice President of Sales USA. “These changes, although initially generating difficulty for some companies, truly benefit all parties involved. It allows for cleaner electronic transactions to support paperless environments, stronger efficiencies, reductions in errors, and a reduction in our carbon footprint.

– Canmaking News



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