A fantastic day for Good Logistics – BIFA Awards 20/01/22

A fantastic day for Good Logistics – BIFA Awards 20/01/22


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Last updated: January 11, 2024 | Published: February 9, 2022


One of our employees, Matt Vick, was a Finalist for ‘The Apprentice of the Year Award 2021′ provided by BIFA and Award sponsored by Seetec. Matt Vick is a current Team Leader of our Deep Sea operations and gained a huge 92% Distinction when he completed his Apprenticeship.

The awards ceremony took place on the 20th of January 2022, in London, where Matt Vick was one of five finalists.

Matt Vick receives Special Recognition at the BIFA Awards Ceremony:

We are incredibly proud to announce that Matt Vick received the Special Recognition award at the BIFA Awards Ceremony, highlighting his impressive performance and recognising his fantastic achievement.

Pictured: Matt Vick – Good Logistics employee (centre), Matt Dawson – Host of the awards (right), Karen Palfreyman – Head of Quality and Continuous Improvement and Employee Trustee Director for  Seetec Outsouce (left)

Photographer: Philippa Gedge Photography


Commenting on his success, Matt Vick said, “Immensely proud to have achieved this, and really enjoyed the event. Thank you to all that helped arrange this, and doubly so those that gave me the platform and support from which I could earn this”.

Tom Reid, UK Sales Manager at Good Logistics also commented on Matt Vick’s performance stating, “Fantastic achievement for Matt, the competition was extremely strong and to be finalised is a great testament to his hard work and commitment. The awards were a great day.”

It was Matt’s lucky day too.  Not only was Matt Vick an Award winner he only went on to win the Raffle too!

Matt Vick with his Special Recognition Award at the Ceremony


Our commitment to learning and development gives our employees opportunities like these, to support their development and career.

Speaking about Matt’s achievement, Sarah Coates from Learning and Development at Good Logistics said, “For Matt starting out his career in the logistics industry, the last two years have presented a great many challenges, yet he has excelled – not only helping the business to thrive but also continuing his learning. Matt received the Special Recognition award. This is fantastic achievement; he is so deserving of this award. I am incredibly proud of him. I have enjoyed working with him and supporting him on his learning journey. Matt has a bright career ahead of him.”

We thoroughly enjoyed our time at the ceremony, and we are very pleased with Matt’s achievements. Well done Matt!

Thank you also to Seetec, our Apprenticeship sponsor. Please visit the Seetec website.

You can read more about Matt’s journey with us and the award ceremony here.

You can also watch a video of the BIFA Awards 2021 here (watch from 42:30 to see the Apprentice of the Year Award section)

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