Denholm Good Logistics are BIFA Award Finalists – Plus read our Projects case study!

Denholm Good Logistics are BIFA Award Finalists – Plus read our Projects case study!


3 minute read | By Hollie Starr

Last updated: January 17, 2024 | Published: October 26, 2022


We are extremely pleased to announce that Good Logistics has been selected as a finalist in the Project Forwarding Award category of the BIFA Freight Service Awards 2022.

As part of our application, we submitted a case study of a project we undertook for a key client of ours. The project we delivered was complex and displayed the high quality expertise we have within our business, to be able to carry out such advanced work.

The Project:

The project for our client began when they approached us requiring three canning production lines, from a closed Factory in Saudi Arabia, to be cleaned, packed and shipped to client facilities in Malaysia and the USA. The production lines were initially used in the factory for energy drink manufacturing.

First, the production lines had to be thoroughly cleaned and any scratches needed to be repainted.

We then had to work with the seller of the machinery, to ensure that export paperwork issued complied with Saudi Arabian export customs, to ensure smooth customs clearance.

Next we arranged both the packing of the machinery and the loading / lashing of this onto containers. Additionally, we organised the transportation of the production lines and of course the import customs and site delivery within both Malaysia and the USA.

To achieve the project, we appointed a Good Logistics Project manager, three site supervisors, a team of 16 men to clean and paint the machinery and a team of 25 export packing experts. We also used 2x x 100 tonne cranes, 2 x 50 tonne cranes and 4 x forklift trucks, for the duration of the project. The size of the containers shipped were 180 x 40ft High cube containers, 4 x 40ft open top containers and 25 x 40ft flat rack containers and the cargo itself measured more than 6500m3.




The Outcome:

We worked on this project from May 2022 to October 2022, which was a tight schedule for a very complicated project. We completed the project successfully within our contracted time frame.

We are extremely proud of all those involved, for not only successfully completing this complex project, but also for leading us to this fantastic opportunity with BIFA , which we hopefully go on to be a winner.

Above: Ray Nash – Director of Projects 

Ray Nash, Director of Projects, for Good Logistics, commented on the work undertaken stating, “This was a project that only a handful of companies within our industry would have been able to tackle. It called for a wide range of logistical know how and extremely close project management. On site work had to be carried out throughout the Saudi Arabian summer and shipping line space had to be obtained during a period where there is a massive shortage of shipping line space and equipment.

As a company this really show cased a complete set of skills and I am proud of every single person involved, from the on site guy’s cleaning and packing the machinery,  the customs experts who got all of this machinery through customs, the procurement team who worked tirelessly with the shipping lines to obtain the space and equipment right the way through to our project management team who kept a tight control over everything ensuring that the project met the schedules laid down by the client.”

What’s next?

The BIFA Award Ceremony, which Good Logistics will attend, will take place on Thursday 19th January 2023 at The Brewery in London. The ceremony will be hosted by England & Liverpool player turned manager, Kevin Keegan OBE.

The final will be a fantastic event and we are crossing our fingers that we become an award winner!

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