Freight Forwarding Update April 2023

Freight Forwarding Update April 2023


2 minute read | By Hollie Starr

Last updated: January 4, 2024 | Published: April 13, 2023


Stuart Gosling, Director

The diverse range of our forwarding services, Air, European, Courier, Consol Services, Cross Trades, etc has facilitated the successful navigation of the ever-changing geopolitical conditions and rising inflation that have led to an economic slowdown across the Logistics & Supply Chain Industries.

With shipments to and from the EU, we have seen a shift in the modes of transport used with sea freight raising in popularity.  This is due to competitive rates and our EU team working closely with businesses, auditing their supply chain process and offering cost-saving and time-saving solutions. In some cases, our team has saved businesses up to £300k YOY following a full supply chain process audit, read our case studies here. You can register for a FREE supply chain audit for your business here.

Our Air freight team is working closely with our global partners and building and developing relationships in specific countries to secure more competitive air freight rates.  In our drive to continuously offer new services, we are currently working with a new agent in the Philippines and hope to offer these additional services soon.  We are working very closely with our colleagues in both the US and Turkey, and we have seen a massive increase in inquiries from both sides, as well as an increase in shipments.

Our continuous innovative IT development now can provide businesses with real-time visibility and enhanced data on your shipments. If you are not already registered to use our Good Track, and you would like to have more information, please click here.

In May, we launch the 1st of our webinar series Beyond Borders: How to manage customs complexities and streamline your business.

Customs is a very complex and time-consuming process for businesses, our aim in this webinar is to break down those complexities and give expert guidance on how to successfully navigate the customs and streamline your current customs process. We will be sharing real examples throughout the webinar of how specific customs processes can save businesses time and money.

Beyond Borders, webinar 16th May at 11 am, register here


Download a copy of our Q1 quarterly roundup here

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