Freight Forwarders – The Key to Successful Transportation Management?

Freight Forwarders – The Key to Successful Transportation Management?


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Last updated: January 11, 2024 | Published: February 18, 2015


With a growing population and the impact of globalisation, it’s no surprise that international trade is constantly on the rise.

In fact, according to a new report*, the worldwide freight transportation management market is set to grow to $423.69billion in the next four years – an annual growth rate of 9.14%.

This will create a massive opportunity for freight forwarders such as John Good Logistics, as more management will be needed to provide companies with smooth and efficient transportation to their end-users.

In the world of logistics, saving money and time are top priorities and a freight forwarder can play an important role in achieving this. Because they know the best shipping lines to use, they can identify the quickest and most cost-effective routes and offer competitive rates when it comes to warehousing and trucking services.

Communication and flow of information is also a key factor in successful shipping. An experienced freight forwarder can provide access to real-time information and shipment status, as well as a speedy response to any questions or queries you may have. They will also have the support of state-of-the-art IT systems, offering ownership, visibility and control to customers, so they can track and trace their shipment at every stage. With an increase in freight transportation, facilities like this will be more important than ever.

There’s also the issue of customs clearance. Freight forwarders have the expertise to deal with the completion of import and export documentation, which can often be a complex task.

Looking to employ a freight forwarder?

If you need to use the services of a trusted freight forwarder partner, John Good Logistics has over 180 years’ experience in the transportation of a wide range of cargoes worldwide. The team has the knowledge and experience to ensure you receive the best possible service and advice.

*Market research report titled ‘Freight Transportation Management Market by Solutions’ published by MarketsandMarkets.

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