Exporting PPE From China – Regulations

Exporting PPE From China – Regulations


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Last updated: January 16, 2024 | Published: April 28, 2020


We continue to receive a huge volume of inbound inquires relating to PPE shipments, in particular shipments for masks.

Some speculative but most legitimate and looking for help and guidance in either sourcing, inspecting or executing shipment of finish product to meet tight deadlines.

We have all heard some of the negative stories surrounding poor quality products sold as PPE equipment but not fit for purpose, this supported by recent trade article in The Loadstar 

The Chinese government in recent weeks have moved quickly to protect the ‘Made in China’ brand and have quickly introduced strict policing for shipments both medical & non medical as they look to clamp down on poor quality product leaving the country.

We have heard of shipments being refused by Chinese authorities and in some instances goods being seized if requirements are not met.

With this in mind a quick check list of what your suppliers should be confirming to satisfy customs requirements listed below:-

Medical Grade Masks 

  1. Manufacturers Business License
  2. Medical Device Registration License
  3. Medical Device Manufacturing License
  4. Purchase Contract
  5. Test Report
  6. Quality Certificate

Non Medical Use 

  1. Manufacturers Business License
  2. Test Report
  3. Medical Devise Manufacturing Enterprise License
  4. Quality Certificate
  5. Non Medical Use statement

Other Points of note

  • Suppliers of Medical PPE equipment in China have had to now re-apply for approval to export which is leading to further delays and disruption
  • Shipments of PPE equipment are subject to physical documentation checks
  • Air Lines are looking for payment upfront for all medical related shipments
  • Reports 1,600 suppliers have already been black listed in China

Our teams continue to offer support and guidance, from sourcing, inspections to movement of product

For additional information please email sales@johngood.co.uk

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