[CHECKLIST] EU Customs – 5 Easy Steps to Avoid Delays

[CHECKLIST] EU Customs – 5 Easy Steps to Avoid Delays


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Last updated: January 16, 2024 | Published: March 23, 2021


EU Customs – 5 Easy Steps to Avoid Delays

The initial period from 1st Jan 2021 onwards has been a period of major change with all shipments moving between the EU & UK now requiring customs formalities to be completed. One of the most common reasons for delays to customs clearances is missing or incorrect data fields in the Customs Entry Process.

To help you avoid unnecessary delays at customs, here are 5 things you should double-check for accuracy when importing from the EU to the UK.

  1. Correct Trailer Number– in many instances a Truck Number or an incorrect Trailer Number (or no Trailer Number) has been provided.
  2. Number of Packages – Different packing types (e.g. pallets and packages) are usually contained on a Commercial invoice. Only one specific packing type is declared on the vessel/ferry manifest when goods depart from the EU. For data being received into our system, we want to receive only the packing type (e.g. pallet total) quantity that matches the packing type on the Vessel manifest.

  3. Correct UK Port of Arrival – Entries can only be completed when cleared against the correct UK Port.

  4. Ferry Operator Name – Not all Ferry Operators currently use the Inventory Linked system so please provide Ferry Operator name. Ferry departure and UK arrival times would also assist greatly.

  5. Commodity Code – The UK Tariff is a 10 digit numerical code whilst the EU equivalent is only 8 digits. Supplying the 10 digit code again avoids delays.

If you found this checklist helpful, you can download a PDF copy here.

At John Good Logistics we have a dedicated EU Customs Brokerage Department. If you need assistance with getting your goods through customs smoothly, contact the team on – EUSupport@johngood.co.uk. 

John Good Logistics – EU Customs Brokerage Department

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