The Compleat Food Group




Freight forwarding, Full supply chain audit, Sustainability
Removing supply chain delays

The Compleat Food Group was formed in 2021 after Addo and Winterbotham Darby merged following their acquisition by PAI partners. The group currently employs more than 2,500 people across 10 sites.

The Compleat Food Group is committed to trading in a sustainable way that delivers a positive impact on the world and maximises the well-being of the communities they are part of. This includes adopting science-based targets on their journey to Net Zero and measuring their social value to deliver great food to feel good about.

The Compleat Food Group are home to exciting brands including Pork Farms, Walls Pastry, Squeaky Bean ®, Unearthed ®, Vasdasz and Wrights, they are also a leading supplier of delicious own-label pastry, olives and antipasti, continental meats and plant–based food to most of the UK’s largest food retailers and foodservice companies.

We had worked with various other logistics providers prior to us working with Good Logistics, however, there was not the dedication to managing our account as there is now with Denholm Good Logistics. With Denholm Good Logistics we have continuity of communication from the supplier to the final destination.
Gavin Weborn
Customer Services Manager
The Challenge

Before working with Denholm Good Logistics, one of the major challenges of The Compleat Food Group was delays at UK ports, and this was a problem that only escalated post-Brexit. The port delays caused significant disruption for the group, with customer supplies being affected and the group having to absorb increased costs.

The Solution

Gavin Weborn, Customer Services Manager at The Compleat Food Group outlines below the rationale for why The Compleat Food Group began working with Good Logistics and the added value the team provided in comparison to other logistic providers.

Denholm Good Logistics also provided a full audit of our supply chain process, the team then proposed changing our main mode of transport to sea rather than road. For us, as a group, this meant a considerable reduction in our freight costs and improved overall processes which resulted in a significant reduction in rent and demurrage costs which was a big factor to the business previously, whilst also improving our supply to our customers.

I would highly recommend Denholm Good Logistics, due to the quality of their communication and the diligence of the Denholm Good Logistics team that manages our account.”

Denholm Good logistics is also working with The Compleat Food Group to help them achieve their objective of delivering food in the most sustainable way.