Denholm Good Logistics: ready for increased Brexit customs volumes

Denholm Good Logistics: ready for increased Brexit customs volumes


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Last updated: January 17, 2024 | Published: November 4, 2021


In January 2021, Good Logistics significantly expanded their EU Customs Brokerage Team to prepare for a fivefold increase of customs declarations volumes, post Brexit.

To ensure the 30 new team members attained the valuable customs knowledge they would need, we invested into training programmes, delivered by both internal, external and digital courses to support their personal and professional development goals. The professional development of our people is something that is at the heart of our business. Employing over 270 people across the UK, we are proud to have been able to provide even more fulfilling career opportunities to local workforces.

To facilitate some of our new workforce, we established a brand-new customs-dedicated office in Stockport. The location of the office continues to provide opportunities to work closely with our customs teams in Manchester and across the UK.

Michael McGaughey, EU Customs Manager for Good Logistics, explained the need for the new department stating, “Brexit changed the relationship between the UK and the EU, specifically the rules of free movement of goods. All import and export movements now require a full border declaration, with customers needing to adapt to these new changes and the challenges they brought. In order to provide existing and new customers the best opportunity to continue with a Seamless supply chain, Good Logistics invested in creating a new EU Brokerage Department.”


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In fewer than six months of the department originating, the team had already moved past completion of 35000 declarations: a huge achievement in such a short space of time.

Since then, they have grown significantly, both within brokerage business handled and the number of personnel within the team. September 2021 has been their most successful month to date, with the team passing the 10000 declarations milestone, in this month alone. They finished with a total of 10548 declarations completed, which is a very impressive achievement. These declarations incorporated over 1750 different commodity codes, ranging from machinery, cut flowers, to perishable foods and meat products. Our team are well equipped to handle the documentation for all kinds of cargo.

Commenting on the success of the department, Michael McGaughey explained how the “department has continued to grow and provide all our customers with support, expert knowledge and guidance to make sure their goods can be cleared at the relevant ports without delay.”

Alongside this, we have made exciting developments in technology, creating an EU Clearance Online Portal. This system enables customers to submit their clearance instructions and upload all relevant commercial documents, saving time and ensuring accuracy on each clearance.

As announced by the government, more new changes to Import Controls will come into fruition from 1st January 2022. These changes will affect what customers can and can’t import and the documentation required. Our fantastic EU Customs Brokerage Team are very well placed for these upcoming changes and will be on hand to help all our clients with their customs’ needs.

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