AEO – What are the advantages

AEO – What are the advantages


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Last updated: January 16, 2024 | Published: June 9, 2020


AEO – What are the advantages?

Following the global pandemic and as businesses look to recovery a review by many into the impact and affects will be far reaching, efficiency, risk and mitigation all high on the agenda for companies planning for the future.

Not only will, business process, technology, working patterns, buying habits and travel be reviewed but businesses are expected to examine closely their supply chain set up with continuity the focus.

Within this we expect to see a review of buying, trade lanes being utilised, stock holding and stock control as well as a review of suppliers and partners being deployed to execute the movement of raw materials & finished goods.

So, with AEO accreditation already seeing a surge in interest due to Brexit expect COVID-19 to bring the status of AEO into the thoughts of more businesses moving forward as they seek to sure up supply and appoint strong and trusted partners through out the chain.

So, what exactly does AEO mean?

AEO Accreditation acts increasingly as a quality standard within many international organisations, with many now insisting on this as an integral part of any trading partnership.  It is a globally recognised mark of excellence.

As part of the AEO accreditation process in the UK, HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) officials stringently assess, amongst other things, a company’s finances, site security, shipping procedures, compliance with customs requirements and fulfillment of the relevant legal and safety regulations. Therefore you can be assured that the services being offered by an AEO accredited business are of the highest professional standard possible.

So for John Good Logistics being AEO Accredited, means we can provide services which include many benefits to your business such as:

  • Greater access to priority clearance
  • Reduced administration
  • Traceability of flows of goods
  • Increased transport security
  • Fewer delays in despatch
  • Improved security between supply chain partners
  • fewer physical and documentary checks at borders
  • Quicker access to certain customs procedures including some of the HMRC safety and security procedures.

Companies holding Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) certification already have an advantage when importing and exporting, especially to and from the world’s largest economies, through Mutual Recognition Agreements, which means Post-Brexit, AEO certification remain a key factor in ensuring cargo keeps moving seamlessly.

John Good Logistics have fully met all of the stringent criteria required of AEO Accreditation for nearly 10 years, which enables us to fully implement any changes in regulation quickly and efficiently, as well as  being fully adaptable to new ways of working when industry regimes change.

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