Advantages of transporting European imports and exports via road freight

Advantages of transporting European imports and exports via road freight


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Last updated: January 16, 2024 | Published: December 5, 2022


There are a variety of freight methods that can be used for making European shipments. One of which is road freight, which can be advantageous to use over other services depending on the cargo type, delivery date, destination and a variety of other factors.  

If you are considering making European imports and exports via road freight, then the following advantages are definitely worth noting, to be able to make the best decision for you. Having a trusted, reliable and experienced logistics partner, such as ourselves, can also ensure we devise the best solutions possible for your supply chain requirements. Likewise, choosing a trusted and experienced logistics partner can help you to avoid run-ins with problems further down the line. You can discover more about how to prevent supply chain disruption by reading our EU blogs, to ensure your shipments travel from A to B efficiently.  

Here are just a few of the advantages of transporting European imports and exports via road freight…

1. Flexibility

Unlike other freight methods, such as air and sea, road freight offers you a different kind of flexibility. Air and Sea Freight usually have pre-fixed routes, whereas with road freight, routes can be changed if necessary, if issues arise or delivery times change. This increased flexibility means that your logistics partner and haulage drivers can respond, with agility, to the supply chain in real time, by re-routing to still get your delivery on time. 

Additionally, as mentioned later, road freight offers door-to-door shipments. As you can choose the pick up and drop off location, this allows you to be more flexible with choosing dates that comply with your schedule better. 

Likewise, your time critical shipments can be negatively impacted by port delays. In order to mitigate this, Good Logistics utilises a mixture of our own vehicles and trusted road freight transport partners so we can offer you a more responsive and reliable way of getting your containers to your destination from major ports across the UK.

2. Door-to-door shipments

A large advantage of making European imports and exports via road freight is the door-to-door and end-to-end shipment opportunity it gives you. With road freight, you can have your shipment picked up and dropped off at your exact required destination. 

Due to road freight’s door-to-door ability, road freight has the ability to access more remote and rural areas, places that are inaccessible when using other freight methods, such as rail. 

This is particularly good for JIT and time critical shipments in general because door-to-door is an time effective option for European imports and exports via road freight.  

Both you and your freight forwarder will have increased visibility, using door-to-door shipments, because it offers a single point of contact. 

3. Fast Transits 

Our EU Road Freight services offer fast transits of (1-4 days), which is perfect for time critical shipments. Likewise, our EU Express services offer full coverage of all main European countries, via transit vans, providing deliveries within 24-48 hours. This speedy freight method is perfect for JIT cargo, such as perishable goods, which can simply cannot wait. 

Our EU Express service map, for imports and exports, is shown below:

The festive period is fast approaching, which means that shipments will be at an all time high, so it is critical you prepare in advance, to ensure you get your cargo in time for Christmas. The earlier you book in advance, the better, so you can avoid the festive rush. 

Our full variety of EU services and more information on each service, can also be found on our dedicated EU page. 

4. Transport cargo of all kinds

Depending on your logistics provider, road freight allows you to be able to transport a variety of different cargo types. At Good Logistics, our EU Road Freight FTL / LTL services cover the entirety of Europe and we can transport goods of all kinds, including Ambient, Chilled, OOG (Out of Gauge) and Frozen Cargo.  

If you do not have enough cargo to fill a full truckload (FTL), you have the option of choosing less than truckload services. LTL services combine the shipments from multiple customers, sharing the truckload. With LTL, you only pay for the space you have used, making it a cost-effective road freight option. You can read more about FTL and LTL and the differences, to help you decide the best option, here. 

Likewise, you can also choose between unaccompanied and accompanied vehicles, depending on your supply chain requirements. 

Depending on your needs, you can also bolt on our other services, such as customs clearance and warehousing, enabling us to fully cater for all your logistics needs. You can visit out dedicated pages on EU Customs and Warehousing and Distribution, on our website. 

Why should you use Good Logistics for road freight?

We have teams of trained professionals who will ensure that your needs are met, by really listening to your requirements and devising the best bespoke solutions. We offer our personal services with one point of contact, who will keep you updated on your shipments. 

Our teams have experience transporting goods all around Europe, for a variety of different businesses, differing on industry, size, cargo types, etc. Our agility to respond to the supply chain in real time, means that issues can be dealt with as and when they arise. 

Additionally, we hold RHA accreditation, which means that we are recognised as a safe and reliable road freight provider. You can be assured that your shipments will be safe in our hands. We also hold other accreditations, which you can read about on our Standard Trading Conditions page and also on our blog.  

How do I find out more?

You can find out more about our EU services, by visiting our specific EU pages.

Likewise, you can contact our fantastic team of EU professionals, or if you are a current client, then you can speak to your personal account manager, who can help answer your enquires.

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