Achieving Distinctions! Our employees receive top marks

Achieving Distinctions! Our employees receive top marks


2 minute read | By Hollie Starr

Last updated: November 29, 2022 | Published: November 29, 2022


We are so pleased three of our employees, Eleanor, Kelly and Michael have achieved distinctions in their End Point Assessment (EPA) for the International Freight Forwarding Qualification, delivered by Seetec. They all began their learning journey with Good Logistics last year and the course has enabled them to develop their logistics skills further, increasing both their personal and professional confidence.



We asked Eleanor about her achievements:

“I was thrilled to be given the chance to advance my knowledge of the industry, with the qualification. The course as a whole has been a fantastic experience and I feel like I have progressed both personally and professionally with my confidence. I would definitely recommend this apprenticeship to anybody starting out in their careers within the Logistics industry as I believe it has definitely advanced my knowledge and inspired me to keep progressing in my career here at Good Logistics. Finally, I would like to thank Good Logistics for giving me the opportunity.”



Kelly commented on her success stating “I feel more accomplished than ever achieving a distinction Level 3 qualification in International Freight Forwarding. I have thoroughly enjoyed the whole process of the apprenticeship – from the very first meeting with our tutor and fellow learners, all the way to my end assessment. It’s been a huge challenge but a challenge that I feel has been incredibly worthwhile and has massively increased my own personal belief.”



Michael discussed the EPA  saying, “The course for me, was a way to understand my place within the bigger picture. I’ve learned so much more than I thought I would and gained a self confidence that I never had before. I would enthusiastically encourage anyone and everyone to at least think about taking on some kind of professional development. The sense of pride to be gained is pretty special.”

We are so proud of all our employees for their achievements and hard work.  Congratulations and well done to all!  At Good Logistics we really value people, so encouraging our employees to complete qualifications like these, really helps to enhance and support their skills for the future.

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