A piece of John Good history – the Cordage Caliper

A piece of John Good history – the Cordage Caliper


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Last updated: January 16, 2024 | Published: July 26, 2019


A piece of John Good history found in local garage

A lady found a strange antique device in her garage with John Good & Sons name on it and she contacted our Hull office. 

 The small instrument the lady found is a Cordage Caliper 

 We believe this device is from 1864–1908. The business became John Good & Sons in 1864 when John Good retired and his sons took over the business. Then in 1908, the business became a limited company and renamed John Good & Sons LTD. 

80th birthday present 

Tim Good (6th generation of the John Good family business) was excited to get his hands on this historical piece. And the timing couldn’t have been better.  

Tim presented the John Good & Sons Cordage Caliper to his dad – John A Good (pictured above) – last week on his 80th birthday. 

A fitting memento for a momentous occasion!  

What is a Cordage Caliper? 

A Cordage Caliper measures the diameter or circumference of a ship’s rigging (the ropes that hold up the mast).   You can watch this short video with Tim Good to learn a more about this piece of John Good Logistics history. 

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