John campaigns for safety at sea

John campaigns for safety at sea

By this time, John was taking a back seat at the company to concentrate on his work as a Quaker and invest more in his ideas for improving safety for workers at sea – including his design for a safety rocket to rescue those struggling in the water.

Crimean war halts business

The Crimean war halted valuable trade between England and the Baltic, but as a Quaker John did not believe in war and maintained his close relationships with the Finnish people – campaigning and fundraising heavily to help support their recovery after the war.

Company owns first vessel

After years of investing in ships, the family finally bought its own vessel, named “Sarah,” after John’s wife. Unfortunately, Sarah was lost just 3 years later, an omen that the family perhaps should have heeded as the company’s luck never did change with vessel...

Ship’s Chandlery opens

John’s vast experience at sea and personal relationships with Finnish captains made him a well-regarded advisor, and by strategically placing his Chandlery on Salthouse Lane in Hull, the third biggest port in England, the business grew quickly.